FCA has the humbling opportunity to act as God’s hands and feet on high school and jr. high campuses across the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. Our student leaders are empowered and equipped to share their faith on their campuses as they plan huddles and events designed to capture the hearts of their peers. And yet none of this would be possible without the legions of donors, parents, teachers, coaches, and youth pastors who invest in FCA on a daily basis.

To all of the donors who give generously of their finances, trusting God to use them for His Kingdom, we thank you for meeting the tangible needs required to reach students for Christ. Your gift is producing incredible fruit as more and more students are being exposed to the Gospel and entering into a real relationship with Christ every week.

To the parents who pray over this ministry, who volunteer to bring pizza, who send out emails, who host parent desserts, and who encourage their students to pursue their faith on a public school campus, thank you. Thank you for caring enough about the culture of our campuses to actively participate in changing them for Christ.

To the teachers and coaches who serve on these campuses every single day, your Kingdom work isn’t confined to a leadership meeting or a huddle. You consistently  inspire, encourage, and lead our students as God shows His love for his children through you. Thank you for acting as huddle coaches, volunteers, supporters, and prayer partners.

To the youth pastors who bring the vision of a unified Church to life through your prayers and partnership, thank you for being the community of believers that Christ calls us to be. Thank you for spending your days off speaking at huddles, hanging out with students, and selflessly giving to this ministry.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, our students wanted to join me in saying “thank you” to all of you. Please take the time to read the following notes from FCA leaders:


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