Kicking Up Our Coffee Game

It’s no secret that youth workers LOVE their coffee. We set up “office” in Starbucks or Kean and let students, parents, friends, and fellow youth workers cycle in for meetings as we nurse cup after cup of cappuccino. We scurry to get our caffeine fix before youth group, where we try to convince ourselves that we still have as much energy as high schoolers- or, for the really lucky ones, jr. highers. Our Keurig is our best friend, and lattes are the solution to any mid-week slump. Or is this just me?

At Watermark Church, associate pastor Daniel Orduna has made a habit of serving the teachers of Costa Mesa High School and Middle School by blessing these youth workers with… you guessed it, coffee. On late start Wednesday, (when students get to sleep in and their teachers get to gather for a meeting) Daniel rallies students, churches, and FCA to rise with the sun and meet at the flagpole to pray for their school before serving coffee to the teachers of Costa Mesa.

Those of us who come together for these mornings truly believe in the power of coffee, and more importantly, the power of Christ’s love. We know that even this small gesture can be a blessing to the teachers that serve our students on a daily basis.

At the end of January, Watermark Church partnered with Presbyterian Church of the Covenant to serve the Costa Mesa teachers in an extra-special way. FCA got to serve along side these churches as we passed out, not only coffee, but also a full breakfast and enough school supplies to last each teacher through the second semester. Students also hand wrote over 150 letters of appreciation to teachers and administrators, and three FCA leaders affirmed their teachers in front of the entire Costa Mesa staff.


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