“Breaking” Out of Our Comfort Zone

The founders of Break Free Ministry were really onto something when they chose their name. Jesus came to break the chains of sin and set us free though His grace and mercy. He wants to break us out of our old way or life, our old habits, and our old entanglements. He also wants to break us out of our comfort zone. So when a crew of break dancers who love Jesus and use their talents to proclaim His love come to FCA huddles, you know that God is going to be moving too. On May 8th, Josh Sazdanoff and his crew came to Estancia High School, Costa Mesa High School, and Costa Mesa Middle School to show off their moves and challenge students to take a stand for Christ. Josh explained to the students that if Christ was willing to be crucified on a cross for their sins, we should be willing to step out of our comfort zone for Him. It was incredible to witness students at each school respond to this challenge, and stand in front of their peers declaring new faith in Christ or a recommitment to live for him. These students were ready to break free from their comfort zone and affirm their relationship with Jesus because they understand how much He truly loves them. It was such a blessing to be a part of this special huddle and see transformation taking place in these students’ lives.


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