Thursday, May 29 marked the last huddle of the year for Costa Mesa High School. Instead of bringing in a speaker to inspire the students, I wanted to create space for the senior class to reflect on their experiences with FCA and offer advice and encouragement to the peers they are leaving behind. Amidst stuffing our faces with pizza and ice cream, there were some tender moments of reflection and stories of changed lives.

One senior boy stood up and began to tell his peers how he grew up in a Catholic home, but never really knew God or thought about faith as part of his life. His junior year, the FCA student president asked him to come to huddle and he agreed, without really knowing what he was agreeing to. As he sat listening to that first speaker, he realized that he had walked into a fellowship of students who wanted to talk about their faith. A little uncomfortable and unsure if he would fit in, this student doubted if he would return. But week after week he found himself wandering into FCA on Thursdays and, in his words, found himself, “addicted to God.” He was drawn to this community where he was able to really grow in his faith, and connect with friends he knew had his back. This student explained that FCA became his safe place when his family went through some really hard times and that he relied on his family of believers for prayer and support.

This was just one student’s story of how FCA impacted his life, but many others also stood in front of their peers to reflect on how they became “addicted to God” and all the memories they created through their time with each other. It was a great time of celebration as we rejoiced in the works God has done in the lives of these students and all He will continue to do!


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