Making an Impact


Daniel Orduna has been a constant presence on Costa Mesa’s campus for the past two years. He brings coffee to the teachers, encourages the staff, befriends the kids, cheers on the sports teams, and always attends FCA huddles.

He is making an incredible impact on students’ lives.

Last Thursday, Daniel shared his testimony with the students at Costa Mesa middle school and high school. And while most of the students at huddle already knew Daniel, or at least recognized him, they didn’t know that Daniel was adopted. They didn’t know that Daniel’s birth mother got pregnant at 18 and made the difficult decision to give up her son. And they didn’t know that her decision allowed Daniel to be raised in a God-fearing home where he was encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. And that as a result of his upbringing, Daniel decided to become a youth pastor and has been able to impact hundreds of students.

All because of the decision of an eighteen-year-old.

Using a string, Daniel demonstrated how a single decision can start a powerful chain reaction. While Daniel held one end of a string in his hand, he passed the other end to a student in the audience. The student held onto the string, representing Daniel’s impact on him or her. This process was repeated with multiple students. Then Daniel asked the students to pass the string on to another friend, representing the students’ ability to impact others, because Daniel had first impacted them. Eventually the entire room was covered in zig-zagging strings and the students saw a powerful representation of the implications of one decision.

Daniel then reminded the students that they aren’t that far off from eighteen. That their decisions have the power to change lives. That something as simple as saying “hi” to a kid who doesn’t have anyone to sit with at lunch can alter the trajectory of that student’s life. The students left huddle inspired to make and impact on their campus.


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