Two is Better Than One

Elizabeth Eddy is a stud. She was recruited to play soccer at USC on a full ride scholarship. She led her soccer team for four years while pursuing her undergraduate degree. During her junior year, Elizabeth walked onto the varsity lacrosse team and secured a spot as the starting defender. Now completing her graduate degree in her fifth year at SC, Elizabeth is still starting for the lacrosse team in her third season. Last summer she was drafted to Sky Blue FC of New Jersey and played the second half of their season, before returning to SC to finish her graduate degree and final lacrosse season. She was recently traded to Western New York Flash and will be joining the team when she graduates in May.

Her boyfriend is pretty impressive as well. Conner Sullivan was recruited to play baseball at USC on a full scholarship and was a preferred walk on for the SC football team. He is a junior this year and just completed his third football season last fall and is headed into his second baseball season this spring.

Two incredible athletes, each excelling in two sports. But more importantly, two hearts completely on fire for God.

So it made for an exciting huddle when both Elizabeth and Conner came to TeWinkle Middle School to share about how they love God even more than they love their sports.  Elizabeth reminded the students that accomplishing even their biggest goals is meaningless unless Christ is at the center. She quoted Mathew 6:33 reminding the students to. “seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all of these things will be given to you as well.” Conner encouraged the students to use their talents to glorify God and explained that they were made to depend on their Creator. The students left huddle inspired to pursue their dreams, but even more motivated to pursue God’s heart.



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