Using Science to Point to Jesus

Mr. Blackie is an 8th grade science teacher at Ensign Intermediate School. As such, he has some pretty awesome experiments up his sleeve. On January 6th, Mr. Blackie performed a miracle at our FCA huddle: he made nitrogen ice cream.

As the students craned their necks in eager anticipation, Mr. Blackie threw some cream, sugar, Oreo cookies, and other key ingredients into a big mixing bowl. He then added liquid nitrogen to the mixture and created ice cream right in front of our eyes!

And as excited as the students may have been about having both ice cream AND pizza for lunch that day, Mr. Blackie was forced to remind them that they actually had no idea if the ice cream was any good.

“You guys all saw me make this ice cream. You saw the ingredients that went into it. How many of you think this ice cream tastes good?”

Every hand shoots into the air.

“But this is a brand new batch of ice cream that has never been tasted before. So how many of you know this ice cream is good?”

The hands slowly fall out of the air.

“Would one of you be willing to taste this ice cream and tell your friends if it is good?”

Hands go up with even more enthusiasm than before. Students can barely force themselves to stay in their seats.

A volunteer is selected.

“Now tell everybody, is the ice cream good?”

A resounding “yes” from the lucky student.

“Now I can tell you the ice cream is good and he can tell you the ice cream is good, but you still don’t know for sure, do you?”

Heads shake back and forth.

“Would you like to find out for yourself?”

Yes. Yes, they did.

As the students greedily gobbled up their ice cream and swarmed the bowl for seconds, FCA volunteer Becca Turose stood up to draw a powerful parallel between the students’ experience of tasting the ice cream and the opportunity to taste Jesus. She explained that even if you know if your mind that Jesus is good, and even if your friend has told you that Jesus is good, you really don’t know that he is good until you experience him for yourself.

She then invited the students to try a relationship with Jesus. She challenged them to be bold and experience God’s incredible love for themselves. And we are pretty sure that, just like the ice cream, they will immediately want more



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