You Have the Secret to Life

When Point Loma soccer star Natalie Swift came to Newport Harbor and Corona del Mar high schools, she had a very important message for the students: you have the secret to life.

Natalie shared that she didn’t know God in high school and, as a result, spent her time at Newport Harbor lost and confused. She explained how she didn’t know who she was or where she found her worth and kept looking to the things of this world to satisfy her, even when they failed her time and time again.

Then, in her dorm room in college, Natalie came to know Christ and her life was completely transformed. She became a self-proclaimed “Jesus freak” and pursued a relationship with Him with her whole heart.

At huddle, Natalie encouraged those who had never experienced a relationship with God to open their hearts to Him. Then she challenged those students who already know Jesus to really be a light for Him on their campus. “You have the secret to life,” she explained to them. She reminded the students that there are hurting people on their campus who are desperate for the love of God. “You have know idea how happy I would have been if one of the Christians I knew in high school had taken the time to share Jesus with me,” she said, reminding the students that, when you have the secret to life, it is meant to be shared with others.

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