We All Need a Savior

Brian Sumner is a professional skate boarder who came to know Christ when he realized that his life wasn’t turning out the way he had hoped. Achieving impressive success in the skateboarding industry at a relatively young age, Brian lived as if the world revolved around him. When that world began to crumble, he realized he needed a Savoir and began a personal relationship with Christ.

On Thursday, November 19th, Brian shared his moving testimony at Estancia High School. While a rowdy dodgeball game carried on in the background, Brian asked students to quiet their minds and hearts as he explained Jesus’ incredible sacrifice. He concluded his message with an invitation for students to enter into their own relationship with Christ. Seven students raised their hands to publicly profess their new faith in God.

Sometimes a thirty-minute, on-campus huddle can be a little chaotic, a little rushed, or a little unpredictable, but God chooses to show up in real and powerful ways to pour out His love on His children and draw them into relationship with Him. These are the moments that are worth celebrating!



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