Something to Celebrate

Brian Sumner is a professional skate boarder who came to know Christ when he realized that his life wasn’t turning out the way he had hoped. Achieving impressive success in the skateboarding industry at a relatively young age, Brian lived as if the world revolved around him. When that world began to crumble, he realized he needed a Savoir and began a personal relationship with Christ.

Brian shared his testimony at Newport Harbor and Corona del Mar High School’s at our last huddle before Christmas break. Following his testimony, he offered students the opportunity to accept Christ as their Savior. Between the two campuses, over forty students raised their hands to publicly proclaim their new relationship with Jesus as Brian led them through a simple prayer.

It is overwhelming to think that in two thirty-minute lunch periods, over forty students were welcomed into the family of God. These students’ lives will be forever changed because of the decision they made at an FCA huddle. God is so good and so faithful in drawing His children into relationship with Him, and FCA is so blessed and honored to be invited into the work He is doing on these campuses.

Brian also shared his testimony at Estancia High School in November. You can read about that huddle here.


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