Stay Close to the Campfire

Skylar Chaput is the insightful and energetic jr. high pastor at The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa. On Tuesday, he came to Ensign Intermediate School to tell the students about his love… of camping. He shared about his recent camping trip to Yosemite and how freezing cold it was at night. Skylar explained the only thing that kept him warm after the sun went down was the campfire he and his friends had built. Around the campfire, he said, there was light, safety, friendship, warmth, and connection. But if he moved away from the campfire, the night grew dark, cold, and scary. The further Skylar moved away from the campfire, the more likely he was to get lost, trip over rocks, or encounter unsavory wildlife!

Skylar then reminded the students that Jesus is like our campfire. The campfire in Skylar’s story never moved, its warmth and comfort never diminished, and it was always waiting for Skylar to return, even after he had wandered away. Skylar used this parallel to illuminate Jesus’ constant love and presence. He encouraged the students that whether they felt close to Jesus, or far away, He was always there and ready to welcome them into His warm embrace.

Offering the students three simple and tangible ways to draw closer to God, Skylar encouraged the students to:

  1. Recognize there is no barrier between you and God
  2. Talk to Him
  3. Invite Him into your daily life




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