Game Day!

At Pacifica Christian High School, the FCA student leaders have a heart for reaching out to those in their immediate community. The Mesa Verde Convalescent Hospital is located less than five minutes from Pacifica’s front door and is home to elderly residents recovering from illness and injury. Last Christmas, Pacifica students visited the home to spread some holiday cheer with Christmas carols and cookies. They were so impacted by their new relationship with the residents, that they asked to return!

This week, we stopped by to host an afternoon of fun and games! We had BINGO, Blackjack, and Uno running at several tables and encouraged residents to wheel up a chair and play with us! It was an awesome opportunity to get the know the residents better and hear more of their story.

My favorite picture from the day captures one resident teaching a group of students to play blackjack. When we first arrived at the home, he seemed relatively uninterested in hanging out with a bunch of hyper high schoolers during his afternoon leisure time. But when he discovered a group of students were interested in learning how to play black!ck, his eyes lit up. For the rest of our time there, he was leading the students in his favorite game!


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