May Huddles

The month of May held 14 huddles. That means that, on 14 individual occasions, the goodness of God has been declared on public school campuses across Newport Mesa. Below are a few brief highlights from this amazing month of huddles! 

Ty Scott King is a recording artist, writer, and radio host who has a passion for using her unique talents to glorify God. She visited TeWinkle middle school to share her testimony with the students and encourage them through her poetry. Check out this video of Ty performing her poem “Superhero.”


Markus Boyer is a UCLA football player with a purpose. Visiting Costa Mesa’s huddle, Markus shared his athletic journey and explained how it relates to the development of his faith. He told the students about his life as a high school football player who loved God, but sometimes put him on the back burner as he put his sport first. Then, while playing at a junior college, Markus had an experience that would transform his understanding of his purpose. One of Markus’ best friends and teammates died suddenly before Markus had the chance to say goodbye. But, as Markus mourned his friend’s death, he learned that, right before he died, his friend had accepted Jesus as his Savior, because of a conversation Markus had with him months earlier. Markus realized that his primary purpose on his junior college team was not  just to play football, but to be a light for Christ. Now heading to UCLA in the Fall for his first season as a Bruin, Markus knows his calling on that team. He will play football to the best of his ability, but his ultimate victory will be living his life as a testimony to God’s love and goodness. 

Gracee Teague is on staff with Fellowship of Christian Athletes Volleyball and has a heart for using the sport she loves to encourage students and glorify God. She visited Ensign Middle School to share her own journey of learning to trust God with her sport and put him first both on and off the court. She challenged to students to invite God into every part of their life and to play their sport for his glory.


UCI tennis star Cassidy Branstine came to Estancia High School to remind students of God’s incredible faithfulness. She described her life as a collegiate athlete and how she has to depend on God’s goodness and faithfulness every day in the uncertain world of college sports. She explained that, whether she is sitting on the bench, or playing in the top spot, she trusts God’s provision and his plan for her life. This let’s her rest in God’s joy and peace no matter what circumstances surround her. She encouraged the students to rely on God and put their faith fully in him!


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