Can you be TOO Coachable?


Jasmine Henderson has had a lot of coaches in her life. She competed in three sports in high school, excelled in college soccer, and played professional soccer. Over the course of her athletic career, Jasmine was always complimented for being coachable, but when she came to speak to CdM junior high students, she wanted to ask the question: can you be too coachable? Jasmine talked about how it is sometimes easy to lose our own identity when we are consumed with trying to achieve what others tell us we should be. While it is generally a good idea to listen to coaches who are giving sound advice, sometimes there are people in our life who don’t have our best interest in mind and whose suggestions we shouldn’t listen to. Jasmine take about standing up to peer pressure or bullies, and believing in your identity as a child of God! Our CdM junior high students were reminded that they have value and worth because God created them and that He loves them as they are!




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