How BIG is Your View of God?

Haley Downey visited Ensign Intermediate School to ask the students a very important question: How big is your view of God?


Haley shared that all her life, she had a pretty limited understanding of the ocean. She had spent plenty of time hanging out on the beach, swimming through the waves, or even surfing on blow up air mattresses, but she had never opened her eyes underwater. One day, Haley and a friend decided to go snorkeling in the ocean and Haley was amazed at how many fish she saw! While she had always known there were fish in the ocean, until she saw them with her own eyes, her understanding of the ocean was pretty limited. After snorkeling, Haley’s view of the ocean expanded to include all of the sea life swimming around her.


Haley compared her enlightening ocean experience to what happens when we dive into deeper relationship with God. She explained that, unless we spend time developing a relationship with God, our view of who he is will be pretty small. But, when we learn more about who God is and how much he loves us, our view of God grows and grows. She challenged the students to remember that God is big and that he is worthy of our worship!



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